Announcing the Build A Better Piggy Bank Contest Winners

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Last month we put out a call for entries: build a better piggy bank. We were looking for creative, awesome and exciting renditions of the classic bank, and the hackers, makers, doers, sculptors and coders of the internet didn’t disappoint.

Today we’re excited to announce the winners:

Staff pick: $250

Everyone in the office loved the simplicity and humor of Joshua Hawker’s Book Better Bank. It looks like a normal book, but when you open the front cover – it’s a bank inside. Making it fun and secret to save money won Josha a prize to fill his book/bank with.


Third prize:$250

Ani Akpan’s piggy bank of the future video features a young man using gestures to control a minority report like banking system. After watching this, you will wish could make an ATM appear above your desk, be checked into the system via retina scan, and have money scanned for deposit. Congratulations to Ani on winning third prize!


Second Prize: $500

Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Justin Blinder created StockBank: a networked piggy bank. The goal: collect enough money to buy one share of stock in Google, Apple, or Facebook. As someone drops a coin in the bank, the display shows the countdown to the amount remaining to purchase a share. When enough money is collected, the site automatically connects to an online broker, purchases a share, and blinks the pig. Congrats to Jonah and Justin for winning the $500 second prize for thisĀ imaginativeĀ open source project.

First Prize: $1000

Petros and His Brother gathered the most votes to win first prize for their “Happy Piggy” entry. Hidden inside the bright paper mache bank is a mechanism that makes the Piggy smile as more coins are added. Congratulations to Petros and His Brother for re-imagining the piggy bank into something that makes you feel good about saving!




Congratulations to all our winners!

Winners, we’ll email you to get mailing address and the name you’d like on the check.

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  1. I have some suggestions about any future contests that you run. First I suggest displaying the entries all on the same page or add a button to see the other entries. I mean seriously it isn’t very fair if only 5-10 people get their entry displayed so people need to refresh the page to see other entries. My Dad was never even able to find my entry. Second I suggest using a voting system which isn’t glitched because several people couldn’t even vote. Or at least have a better response to the problem than just ignoring it (I never saw any answer to this problem but if there was than please show me). I am not mad just because I didn’t win and I would have written this comment even if I had won. Thank you, Christopher

    • Yes, I agree with Chris. I had several people including myself try to vote, and once I did, my vote showed, but after I refreshed the page, the vote was back at its original number.

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