The Awesome Portfolio Checklist


Want to know how to have a great portfolio? You could read a huge stack of books and academic papers. We’ve done that for you, and distilled it down to the seven things you should make sure you do.

Print a copy of “The Awesome Portfolio Checklist” – grab the PDF!

Seven Things You Could Do With Your Copy of The Awesome Portfolio Checklist:

  1. Tape it to your fridge and talk to your partner about your retirement goals
  2. Check off “make sure you have the right portfolio for your age” by using FutureAdvisor’s retirement calculator
  3. Use it to teach your kids about long term investing
  4. Print it out and pin it on the bulletin board at work – start some water cooler conversations
  5. Mail it to someone you know who’s just starting their career
  6. Connect your investment accounts to FutureAdvisor and get unbiased advice on which funds to buy and sell in your existing portfolio, to get the check for “have broadly diversified funds”
  7. Take it slow: work through one step each day for a week, making checks with a big red pen

The Awesome Portfolio Checklist


For best results, use FutureAdvisor (which is really just the software version of the checklist). FutureAdvisor provides free, unbiased advice on which funds to buy and sell in your existing accounts (including your 401k) to get to your ideal, diversified, tax sheltered, and low-fee portfolio. And if you want it all done for you, consider FutureAdvisor Premium, which makes the trades and rebalances so you don’t have to.

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