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Update: Voting has officially ended. Give us a day or two to tally results and we’ll announce the winners on this blog later this week!

UPDATE: VOTING HAS STARTED HERE! It will go for 2 weeks. Vote here:

The iconic piggy bank existed decades before the first computer, before the first 401k, and before money went digital. FutureAdvisor asks you: How can you make the piggy bank better? Maybe your “ham of a bank” includes a dollar bill ingester like a vending machine. Maybe your particular pig has wheels and cruises around the city? We’re looking for creative, awesome, and exciting renditions of the classic bank. We don’t even care if it’s a pig, it just needs to pay homage to the classic saving swine.

We’re looking for:

Makers, hackers, doers, sculptors, engineers and generally awesome people to build a better piggy bank. Whether it’s steam punky or rubber ducky, show us what you got!


  1. First Prize: $1000
  2. Second Price: $500
  3. Third Prize: $250
  4. Staff Pick: $250


1) Your piggy bank must store currency. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bitcoin, Pennies, or Francs. It must retain the primary function of a piggy bank, which is to save money. You should show that in your video or pictures.

2) No animal cruelty. Making your pet pig eat a bunch of pennies isn’t just bad for the next person to get those pennies, it’s bad for your pig. Let’s be good to our animal friends. (UPDATE: We’ve gotten questions whether bacon is ok. We’re saying yes.)

3) Feel free to use any medium you’d like to make your bank. Don’t be afraid to push the limits. Cake, Legos, wood, paper or whatever you like: It’s all fair game.

Before April 1st you’ll need to deliver pictures, or a video of your piggy bank in action. We want to see it working in the most illustrative way possible.

The winner of the contest will be determined by who gets the most votes, so your presentation is extremely important. Readers are interested not just in the product, but how you made it. We’ll be featuring all of the pictures and videos on our blog.

How To Enter

Simply give us your email address and we’ll email you reminders about deadlines, or just send your submissions to If you have questions, don’t be afraid to leave them in the comments.

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Here’s some inspiration for you:

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    • It can be drawn, but you’ll be competing against people who actually made their banks. That’s going to be tough.

  1. If the bank is to be made out of cake does it need to be fully functional or would a description of what it would do be sufficient?

    • If you’re going to make it out of cake, I would make a place to put the money after it’s been baked, then ice it again. That way you’re not baking anything weird into the cake. Also, make sure you show some video of people eating the cake so we can see how delicious saving is! =)

    • You can, though, we’d suggest spending your time on making one entry really really awesome. That’s a pattern we’ve seen with winners in the past. But please, if you feel inspired, by all means.

    • Since you’re asked to submit your email address so we can send you reminders and such, the law in the United States says you must be at least 13.

    • Feel free to push the limits. We’ve gotten some entries already that look like hollywood special effects.

    • We’re valuing creativity over implementation, so if you need to fudge a feature (Time traveling comes to mind), go ahead.

    • Yes! We love videos and pictures! You can even write something to accompany both if you’d like. We want to know why your piggy bank is different and better.

    • We’re putting up all the entries today, and we’ll announce after voting which will be two weeks.

  2. Where can you vote for the projects? Will it be on this page or a new article? Also can you vote for your own project or vote more than once?

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