Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Justin Blinder’s Entry

StockBank is a networked piggy bank with the end goal of collecting enough money to buy one share of the three technology stocks of Google, Apple, and Facebook. As someone drops a coin into the bank, the display shows the amount of the selected stock share price decreasing until it levels off at zero, which means that there is enough money inside the bank to buy one share. The bank then automatically connects to an online broker, purchases the share, and blinks the pig. When the bank is emptied, the counter resets back to another share price and begins the process over again.

The project exists as an open source, networked object that prompts users to stay connected to the current stock valuation of technology corporations and see how they change and fluctuate over time. It reinvents the classic piggy bank by instead of counting money for saving, it connects in real-time to actual stock prices and gives the user an estimate on the amount of money they need to purchase a share of the specified stock.


Jonah and Justin






Ani Akpan
30 votes
Ben Doleo
0 votes
Dan Lamoureux
14 votes
Daniel Blanchard
6 votes
David Kilgo
0 votes
Eric Kilpatrick
1 vote
Farkas Károly
3 votes
Geneva Durand
0 votes
Holden Oullette
7 votes
Jacob Wu
3 votes
Jonah Brucker-Cohen
125 votes
Joshua Hawker
17 votes
Liam Kennedy
0 votes
Mark Van Horn
3 votes
Matt J Casey Bank #1
0 votes
Matt J Casey Bank #2
0 votes
Micah Crump
0 votes
Nathan Kane
13 votes
Petros And His Brother
135 votes
Jasmine Jimenez
4 votes
Christopher Butler
5 votes

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