Recent Press Roundup

FutureAdvisor has been busy revolutionizing investment advice. Here are some highlights of recent press. Check them out if you’ve missed them – there’s some good stuff in here.

Reuters: “Retirement savers go online for low-cost advice”

Columnist Mark Miller of Reuters interviewed people who go online for low-cost retirement advice, and covered FutureAdvisor.

Reuters: Retirement savers go online for low-cost advice

LifeHacker Loves the “Awesome Portfolio Checklist”

From columnist Adam Dachis: It’s a “printable PDF offers a high-level to-do list for your retirement needs. It doesn’t focus on a specific age, but rather the sorts of tasks you need to perform at any time in your life” Head over to Lifehacker to read more, or grab the printable PDF right here!


The Awesome Portfolio Checklist - Lifehacker



CNNMoney Exposes Company’s 401k Fees

We worked with reporter Melanie Hicken of CNNMoney to use our crowdsourced data – covering over half of American 401k participants – to do an analysis of the best and worst 401(k) plans in the country. Zip over to CNNMoney to see why “Your employer may cost you $100k in retirement savings

Your employer may cost you $100k in retirement savings


FutureAdvisor data powers the CNNMoney 401(k) Fee Calculator

We also worked with CNNMoney to make finding out how much you pay in 401k fees for your company easy. You can select your company, enter your salary and age, and see how much more you’ll pay in fees before you retire. The calculator also compares your loss to others similar in age and salary. (Don’t forget, you can always use FutureAdvisor to minimize the fees you pay by picking the lowest fee funds.)

How much are 401(k) fees costing you?

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